The Veggie Chef Seasonal Menu

Creamy French Lentils

Creamy French lentils with mushrooms and kale

Shepherd's Pie

Vegan sweet potato and lentil shepherd's pie

Pomegranate-Glazed Eggplant With Tempeh

Contains Nuts, Non-GMO Soy

Veggie Balls with Zucchini Spirals


Veggie balls with 'courgetti' and tomato and basil sauce

Soba Noodles With Black Sesame Paste

Contains Nuts & Non GMO Soy

With Black Sesame Paste, Tofu & Spring Onions

Thai Quinoa

Contains Nuts & Non-GMO Soy

With Broccolini & Chopped Nuts

Maple-Orange Roasted Chickpeas & Chantenay Carrots

Contains Non-GMO Soy

Served With Tamari Seasoned Brown Rice & Spinach

Seven Spice Chickpea Stew


Seven spice chickpea stew with tomato and coconut



Vegan sweet potato enchiladas

Chana Masala


Vegan chana masala with brown basmati rice

Miso-Pumpkin & Tofu

Contains Nuts, Non-GMO Soy

Wih Kale and Pepitas

Quinoa Detox Bowl

With Black Kalamata Olives


Contains Nuts

Butternut squash and spinach lasagne with house made cashew "cheese"

Chipotle Kale, Chickpeas and Pumpkin Salad

Contains Nuts